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For Findus, NilexPlus® was a better alternative than continuing using the existing helpdesk system, at a comparison between price/performance.


Findus has more than 60 years of experience of foodstuffs manufacturing, and its history begins in 1941, when the confectionery company Marabou buys the small Scanian Fruit-Wine & Liqueur Factory (Frukt-Vin & Likörfabriken) in Bjuv. The company is soon renamed to Findus (an abridgement of FruitINDUStry), and in 1945 Findus writes history by launching the first deepfrozen food products in Sweden. In 1962 the Swiss foodstuffs giant Nestlé buys the company, and Findus becomes a part of the concern until the investment trust company EQT becomes a new owner on February 1, 2000. Later that year, Findus buys the Norwegian deepfreeze company Frionor.


Today Findus has about 3000 employees, and businesses in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, UK, Spain, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Germany.


Findus central IT support in Bjuv (Sweden) were not satisfied with their earlier helpdesk system because of lacking functionality, not very friendly user interface, and especially because of high license costs. Findus saw the need to improve their customer support, making it more efficient, and to reach this goal while cutting the costs. The choice fell upon NilexPlus®, which after demonstrations and tests well lived up to the requirements.


"We were searching for a more functional, user friendly and cheaper system, and agreed that NilexPlus® was the best choice", says Hans-Ingvar Ohlsson, responsible for the IT support in the Findus concern. "Important for our choice was also that we, together with other contract customers, have an impact on the future development of NilexPlus. We already have got response to some of our desired changes."


Findus IT support's central unit with front and back office for the Swedish business, back office for the international business with its own front office, and a total of 30 case handlers are using NilexPlus® to support about 2000 clients, since the autumn of 2003. Currently, 500-600 helpdesk cases are handled per week. The main part of the cases are reported by phone, but the goal is that customers should use e-mail and web applications more and more. About 80% of the cases are solved directly in the front office, and the rest in the back office.


"With NilexPlus®, we count on achieving a higher service rate and more satisfied customers as a result", says Hans-Ingvar."

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