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Metsä Tissue Metsä Tissue chose NilexPlus ® as its IT support for the fabrics in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland and Slovakia.


Metsä Tissue originates from G. A. Serlachius Oy, a finish wood processing company, which was established in 1868. Serlachius and Metsä-Serla have been the pioneers and leading manufacturers of the tissue papers in Finland since the beginning of 2000 with such well-known trademarks as Lambi, Serla, Mola, Leni, Fasan and Katrin.


Today Metsä Tissue has about 3 300 employees and is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. Its production capacity covers every year 610 000 tons of tissue paper and 30 000 tons of baking-paper in the fabrics in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland and Slovakia.


Sales offices are situated in Norway, Denmark, England, France, Switzerland and Russia.

Since 2004 Metsä Tissue has been a part of Metsäliitto Cooperative concern.

IT support of this company is directed from Mariestad with the help of 23 handlers, who provide offsite as well as onsite support for the other manufacturing fabrics of this company in Europe. It provides IT support to upto 1700 customers.


In 2003, an evaluation of different helpdesk and inventory systems has been done in consequence of which NilexPlus ® had been chosen.


Mikael Pettersson, IT-Manager: "We checked different systems and compared both price and performance characteristics. The project group agreed unanimously that NilexPlus ® was the best choice because it offered the best performance to the lowest price".


Metsä Tissue is currently using Nilex HelpDesk, Nilex Inventory system and such modules as Group function, AD connection, Mail service, Web application, Purchase/Acquisition and Application register.


There are about 500 reported errands per week of which 25 % are registered via mail and the rest via telephone.


So far 2000 inventories have been registered in the inventory system.


Mikael Pettersson: "We have been now using NilexPlus® about 3 years and we have many positive experiences both when it comes to the program performances and contacts with Nilex. Their sensitiveness of hearing for the customers suggestions, new propositions or improvements of the programs and modules are these features which we appreciate the most".

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