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Mölnlycke Healthcare
Mölnlycke Healthcare
Mölnlycke Health Care chose NilexPlus® as a support of 4000 users in 26 countries within 5 parts of the world.

Mölnlycke Health and Care was founded in 1997 through a bargain of SCA’s clinical division called Mölnlycke in Sweden and fusion with finish Tamro Oy Company. The buyer was the Swedish venture capital company Nordic Capital and a great number of other well known Swedish institutional investors.

The key people in the company management were offered shares and share options from the new owners. After acquisition and organic growth the company reached 4.246 millions of crowns in sales in 2003 with 4000 employed in about 26 countries and 5 parts of the world. Today Mölnlycke Health and Care is one of the world’s leading producers and supplier of disposable articles like overalls and sheets for the operations. Within wound healing industry the company is still strong in Europe but especially the advanced products assortment has also strong growth in the USA. The company has two different shopping areas: Surgical and Wound Care with selling centres in the USA and Europe/RoW respectively and the central global administration.

The firm’s strong expansion led that they started to look for a new errands handling system since 2002 and during this work they found Nilex on Comdex Scandinavia fairs in January 2003.

Anna Stewart, responsible for Helpdesk: "We have been looking and testing the leading systems in the market and we agreed in the project group that NilexPlus® was the system which best fulfilled our high demands of price/obligations. These well integrated errand handling and inventory system and additional modules for instance Groupfunction, Active Directory Integrator and SystemControl make NilexPlus® one of the most functional systems in the whole market."

The Helpdesk in Mölnlycke Health Care is divided into two unities: IT support with 26 officials and SAP support with 25 officials. They have on average 150 errands a week. Mölnlycke Health Care uses also additional modules Mailservice and Webb Application.

At present there are over 1000 registered inventories in the inventory system. With the additional module SystemControl, the network is scanned every day and the information is imported to NilexPlus once a week in order to make the information up to date at all times. The other additional modules in use are Licencing and Webb Application.

Anna Stewart: "We have already had NilexPlus® since 2003 and we have only best experiences both with the program and with the cooperation with Nilex. Besides, we experience the possibility to discuss and influence the program’s development as really positive one. NilexPlus® is a simple system which is friendly for the user and much functional. Moreover, Nilex as a company is flexible and keenly alive to fulfil our demands about the changes and new functions."
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