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Nilex Mobile Helpdesk - now for ANDROID

Nilex is first again with mobile cllient for Android and now covers all the modern mobile systems.


In connection with Nilex user meeting in Helsingborg Nilex launched Android client for NilexMobile Helpdesk . Nilex have been first to market with all the mobile clients for case management.

With Nilex Mobile Heldesk you can answer your cases anywhere, anytime. Regardless if you are on vacation, or just while away from your computer. Nilex Mobile Helpdesk provides the flexibility you need to deliver a superior service anywhere in the world.

Through simplicity and ease of use  you will recognize yourself in the interface regardless of whether you are a new or old users.

By Nilex mobile clients, you can do the following:

* See all matters assigned to you or your group

* Creating new files

* Filter information and adapt to what you need

* Update the status, priority, by due date, user information etc.

* Easily navigate between different views

Nilex Mobile Helpdesk for Android are easily downloaded through the Android market.

For more information about technology and prices of Nilex mobile clients Nilex contact Customer Service at 042-180050 or Alternatively you can contact one of Nilex seller directly through

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