Nilex Enterprise®
Asset Management

Nilex Inventory® is a complete solution for working with Configuration Management, including recording, organizing and maintaining data on activity's all inventories.


The software is basically designed to work with IT infrastructures, but many of our customers use Nilex® inventory system for all types of inventory items, also the abstract ones.

The system includes features such as:

  • Registration and maintenance of facilities, equipment and assets
  • Easy searching, sorting and viewing equipment• Dynamic report generator
  • Create relationships between entities• Create relationships between devices and users
  • Eligibility Restrictions for consultation, modification and removal of inventory items
  • Importing inventory items from other systems

Nilex inventory® is a flexible solution that can easily be adapted to various activities through the optional modules. The solution is tailored by these modules to meet exactly the needs you have in both small and large businesses.


CMDB - Inventory Database


Inventory management collects all information in a central database, where both IT staff and management get an overview of the company's IT equipment and other inventory items. The database is configurable and can include information such as user equipment, type, model, purchase date, vendor, warranty, price, location, depreciation, etc. The database allows both IT professionals and managers with an overview of the company's IT equipment and more.


Admission Features

Any person who logs Nilex receives a personal profile that defines the duties of the person to gain access to the inventory. Someone, for example, is just supposed just see the IT equipment and other production equipment only. The person can create, edit, delete, or just read the data on the system data, etc. It is possible to assign powers down to field level.




Nilex inventory® comes with a default configuration that is easy to customize for your needs. Configuration and changes in the system is done without coding, and can therefore easily be performed by staff.


Some examples:

  • Create user profiles and criteria for the people who log on.
  • Create and/or delete data fields and determine the field's name.
  • Decide what data fields should be mandatory
  • Checking the consistency of registration by creating predefined data values, chosen from a list.
  • Individual system users can create personal views of the inventory is where you decide what data to be displayed and how they are ordered.
  • Import of data. Where data is placed in Nilex determined by templates and by reading from text files.
  • Templates for the registration of inventory items.
  • Create your own status concepts for inventory units such as operational, scraped, loaned etc.

More features and modules

  • Registration of furniture through manual registration, loading the file, or with bar code readers.
  • Fast and easy to make inquiries, searches and sorting of assets/equipment.
  • Reports: Choose your own criteria (equal, greater than, less than etc). Public or personal report templates.
  • Create relationships between equipment in a Master-/Subrelation such between the server and the underlying clients.
  • Create link between inventories and those who use the equipment.
  • Gather information about hardware and software through automatic scanning of servers, clients and other devices on the network using Nilex Network Scanning or products SMS2003, CapaInstaller, Zenworks, Snow, etc.
  • Data can be printed and exported to Word and Excel.
  • License Management; keep track of how many licenses are installed and how many are available.
  • Barcode reading via the Pocket PC, barcode labeling and anti-theft label. With bar code scanning equipment, you can register and create the status of existing equipment.
  • Index of suppliers contact persons.
  • Establishing the relationship between assets and equipment and its suppliers.
  • Module "Operating, monitoring and maintenance" will help you keep track of service information for the equipment. It gives you a list with information on what should be done and has already been done.
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