Cerdo Bankpartner
Cerdo Bankpartner

Cerdo Bank Partner in Helsingborg chose NilexPlus® for its Service Desk


Cerdo Bankpartner offers companies in banking and finance a wide range of administrative services including IT support and process. Banks and finance companies are, with Cerdo Bankpartners help, able to focus on their core businesses and on their own customers. Though a Danish partner SDC (Skandinavisk Data Center), Cerdo customers has access to a banking system fully integrated with Swedish banking infrastructure.


Cerdo Bankpartner AB is owned by Sparbanken Finn, Sparbanken Gripen and Sparbanken South. Cerdo is responsible for the overall IT infrastructure for these three regional banks, project management, planning and control of data processes, and maintenance and support of applications.


In the spring of 2007 Cerdo decided to obtain an ITIL certified helpdesk and inventory system and formed a project team that analyzed and looked at several systems. Important requirements included an ITIL certified, proven, functional and reliable system.


After tests and a thorough evaluation it was decided to buy NilexPlus®. Installation, configuration and training was made in September 2007 and then it was in operation after a few days.


Sara Bengtsson, Service Desk Manager: "We chose NilexPlus® because it was an ITIL certified proven and functional, flexible, simple and user-friendly system that we could fairly quickly put into operation".

Cerdo Banking Partners have implemented Nilex HelpDesk, Nilex Inventory and modules Group Function, Mail Service, AD-Integrator, Workflow Management, SLA, Calendar module, Scheduled Cases, Field Dependency, Web Order, Web Registration, CTI, License, Surveillance, Travel/Time Accounting, Network Scanning and CMDB Viewer.

Cerdo Banking Partners have now had NilexPlus® in operation for about 1.5 years, and is planning further integration with other systems and expanded use.


Sara Bengtsson: "Our high expectations for NilexPlus® have been met and we are very pleased with the cooperation with Nilex sale, consultants and support staff. They react quickly on notified problems and are responsive to our requests for product changes and adaptations".

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