County Council of Värmland
County Council of Värmland

The County Council of Värmland, uses NilexPlus® for its IT support since the autumn of 2009


The County Council of Värmland’s main responsibility is to provide medical and dental care services for the inhabitants and visitors of Värmland County and is the county’s biggest information organization and employer with ca 7000 employees.

There are about thirty health centers, hospitals, in Karlstad, Arvika and Torsby. The dental care services are situated in 40 clinics around the county. There is also a County Council Archive.

The County Council’s IT department has as mission to be the support and cooperation partner for all of the County Council’s functions that is in need of information technology (IT), and to provide services in IT operations, support, maintenance, administration, infrastructure and IT Strategy.

In spring 2009, the County Council IT department made a government procurement of a Helpdesk / Case Management System and following a qualified selection process, they decided to acquire, NilexPlus® to manage the IT-support in health care and dentistry services.

Alexander Georghiou, Incident och Service Desk Manager:

"NilexPlus® was the ideal choice for us. Among the examined alternatives we chose NIlex solution, giving us the opportunity to manage the entire IT Operations, from IT Assets to the Support Services we needed. It is a flexible and efficient system that was easy to adapt to our needs. Because it is easy to learn and use, it is appreciated by all of the staff in the Service Desk. Thanks to NilexPlus® we have been able to handle the submitted and incoming cases more efficiently due to improved work planning. The reports, clearly shows the main problem that a member of the support staff is asked to solve and the IT staff can concentrate on the most important tasks in each situation. Since we started to use NilexPlus®, we have particularly experienced more satisfied customers.

In the Health Care area as well as in many other areas, the IT budget is small but with an increasing need for IT services. All focus is more or less concentrated to systems of health care and fewer resources are budgeted for IT services and IT support systems.IT departments must therefore meet a growing need for various IT services without necessarily receiving more money, which means they must find economically acceptable solutions to increase efficiency."


NilexPlus® is an option for healthcare organizations to solve this problem thanks to a favorable ratio between price and performance i.e. the system has many proven and well tested features at relatively low costs.

Värmlands County Council’s IT department employs about 80 people, all using Nilex in their everyday work lives such as the organizations support to around 7000 PC users. Currently NilexPlus® are used for ITIL processes, Incident, Configuration and Service Level Management.

Alexander Georghiou, Incident and Service Desk Officer:


"We have used NilexPlus ® for about 1.5 years and are pleased with both the application and the service and support Nilex provides. The application is constantly evolving and the fact that this is done in close cooperation with the customers, is positive. The customers have an opportunity to bring forward their user wishes on user meetings, workshops and by emailing a designated mail address."

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