Field service solution
Field service solution

Real-Time Job Dispatch For Field Service Management


With Nilex Mobile Service you do not need any paperwork, no more phone calls to your in-field staff. Dispatch jobs via SMS, email, or use our tools to streamline the whole process of field service management.


Modern and intuitive: Nilex Mobile Service app for mobile service


Thanks to the mobile solution from Nilex you as the field service employee literally have your jobs and information in your hand. The app can be operated in a really easy and intuitive way.


Routing always at hand


The Nilex Mobile Service app supports you in navigation, e.g. in order to rapidly get from a distant parking site in the inner-city area to the place of action.


Real-Time Technician Locations And Mapping Integration


All of our mobile device integrations support real-time GPS-A based technician tracking. Knowing where your techs are improves job allocation, while providing an additional Occupational Health and Safety measure for your field team.

Mapping services and GIS-based tracking is at the heart of Nilex Mobile Service and integrated throughout the system, for all editions

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