KappAhl choose NilexPlus® for its IT Support

KappAhl is a leading nordic clothing chain with around 270 stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland. The business idea is to offer price worth clothing for the majority of the people. They design, market and sell clothes for the whole family, however their main consument focus is the women who is between 30 and 50 years, and shops for the whole family. KappAhls vision is to be Nordic leading and most profitable clothing chain in this customer category.


KappAhls head office is situated in Mölndal, on the outskirts of the major city, Gothenburg. From here, the different design, purchase, and marketing functions are carried out. Warehouse storage and distribution to all stores is carried out by the distribution central, which lies in vicinity of the head office. Both buildings have good design and architecture.


Within KappAhl, around 3700 people are employed. Of them, around 3200 people work in the stores. More than 90% of the employees are women. Even in the company's management, the women constitute the majority(five out of seven). Within twelve months period ending 31st August 2007, the turnover has been 4,5 billion kronor exclusive VAT and the profit was 618 million kroner.


Holding with the facts that as the organization increased and established IT- department for handling infrastructure consisting of around 2000 PC and cash terminal in the 270 stores, it had limitations. This increased operation disorder, late technical assistance and many incidents which affected the organizations smooth running. Thereafter, we decided to use best-practice processes, based on ITIL to achieve a better usage of the IT infrastructure.


They contacted us in 2005 year end for the first time and after a couple of meetings and product presentations, KappAhl decided in the spring 2006 to buy NilexPlus®. Their top most functions like simplicity, user friendliness, functionalities and the fact that it is a ITIL certified standard program for making easier ITIL implementations, was fulfilled by NilexPlus®.


Mattias Kristensson, System administrator for Nilex at KappAhl: "With NilexPlus® and result from a leading information project, we could implement ITIL recommendations for registering and handling the process incidents, change, release etc., but also implement the organizations program flexibility, thanks to the program simplicity. The simplicity and transparency made the implementation of the ITIL process in the NilexPlus® much faster".


KappAhl has implemented Nilex HelpDesk, Group function, Mail Services, HelpDesk Web, NDS Integrator, Field Dependency/Mapping function, Web Interface, Scheduling cases, Activity control, Nilex Inventory system and Observation functions.


Mattias Kristensson: "We have now used NilexPlus for around 1.5 years and are very pleased with the program, service provided and support. The fact that Nilex carries out a constant development of the program and gives the customer possibility to customize makes us believe that we have made the right choice".

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