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Mobile Applications

Manage your IT helpdesk when you’re on the go!

Nilex Mobile Helpdesk enables you to respond to service requests anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on the road or simply away from a computer, Nilex Mobile Helpdesk gives you the flexibility you need to deliver superior helpdesk support from anywhere in the world.

With the trademark simplicity and ease-of-use of NilexPlus Helpdesk, the Nilex Mobile Helpdesk App allows you to:

• View all service requests assigned to your team
• Create new service requests
• Easily filter the service request list per field to access the exact information you need
• Update the status, priority, due date, request user, and many other fields in the service request
• Customize the displayed fields in your helpdesk list
• Easily navigate between views in an interface that’s specially designed for your iPhone or Windows Mobile.

System Requirements:

HelpDesk Mobile runs on Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile 6 (Professional Edition). To operate correctly you also need access to the networkservice "Nilex HelpDesk Server” through WLAN, 3G or GPRS.

iPhone users - Upgrade:

For those of our users that has previously used the service for Windows Mobile, there is an upgrade needed for the Nilex Mobile Server. Please, log in to our customer pages and download the latest version. Follow the instructions.


After upgrading, both iPhone and Windows Mobile units can connect to the same service!

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