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The Danish ferry company Bornholmstrafikken was founded in 1866 by local businessmen from the island of Bornholm. Originally the company was called 'Dampskibsselskabet paa Bornholm af 1866 A/S', and it was commonly referred to as the '66' company. The company was run as a privately owned joint-stock company until 1973.In 1973, the Danish state took over the ferry company under the provisions of Act No. 272, and from then on Bornholmstrafikken was run as a state owned company.The company's operating budget and investment budget are financed separately under the Danish Finance Law, and from an organisational perspective, the ferry company is a department subordinate to the Danish Ministry of Transport.

The company is continuously being developed and adapted to improve the service we provide to our customers, to the Bornholm community and the business sector.

The routes of Bornholmstrafikken have recently been through an invitation to submit tenders, and we are proud to say that this resulted in the fact that Bornholmstrafikken continue to sail on the routes to Bornholm.

As of May 1st 2005 the company entered a new era as a state owned stock company.
At the same time we introduced two entirely new ships, built at the Merwede Shipyard and the Volharding Shipyard, Netherlands. The ships arrived in Denmark painted according to the new design scheme and the new colors of Bornholmstrafikken.
The main purpose of Bornholmstrafikken is to provide transport of passengers, mail and goods to and from the island of Bornholm for the greatest possible benefit of the Bornholm community.

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