FRONDATA INTELLEGENCE A/S in Viby have chosen NilexPlus® for thier internal and external IT Support


About Frontdata

We love to see your business grow.

Your IT operations must act as natural and easy as when the power comes from the electrical network. This is achieved when selecting a hosting and IT outsourcing in FrontPage data.


Frontdata burns to create a foundation for our customers' continued growth. We do this by offering credible, reliable and secure hosting and IT solutions, so our customers can focus on their core activities while we ensure their IT operations.


Security and stability in the top
Front-data has been around since 1989 having business today with 50 employees. We are AAA rated by Equity, a proof that we are a healthy company. We are located on the outskirts of Aarhus in a modern building with Denmark's newest Hosting Center. We have the best conditions to deliver high security and stability in the IT tasks we perform for customers.

Frontdata never stands still and is a company that will be in front in terms of knowledge and technology in our core business. Our priority and empathy for the customer needs is very highl. And therefore we believe that the Frontdata has something special to offer their customers.

Frontdata tailors solutions
We have a size that is large enough for the largest to use us and we are not bigger than that the smallest can feel at home. Our compenetence is growing every day and we have as an important basis for our values to share our knowledge and understanding. So if you have a task we must take responsibility, you can be sure that we all take it as a personal challenge.

Frontdata is one of several
Frontdata Danmark A / S is a part of JS Holding and has four sister companies, all skills and commercially complementary to each other: Front-safe A / S, Viby J., DSI Data A / S in Kokkedal, NEXT INNOVATION A / S in Aarhus and INOPI A / S in Taastrup. Together we are more than 100 employees.

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