Nilex introduce chat for Servicedesk

Nilex now offers a modern chat-solution for both cloud and on-premises installations.


Nilex chatt is a new and natural channel that lets your customers interact directly with your support staff via the web.


Users are more and more familiar with using this alternative to traditional channels like phone and e-mail from their everyday experience with other tools like MSN, Skype, Lync, Google, Facebook and Twitter. They no longer need to pick up the phone and call ServiceDesk to get answers to simple questions, with the new Nilex chat-function it's easy to get answers to your questions. With a chat-function in ServiceDesk the agents can assist multiple requests simultaniously, thus increasing the level of service, ensuring customer happiness.


"We see a clear tendency where end-users and perticulary people that has grown up with MSN and Facebook, wants an alternative way of contacting the ServiceDesk. We will continue developing our "multi-channel support strategy" where the chat-function is an important constituent. Alongside with our cloud-offer and our new chat-function, we can offer a powerful tool for all kinds of businesses and organizations," Jesper Zachrisson - Product Manager, Nilex AB

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