Nilex launches CloudSolution®

Service Management in the cloud


Nilex launches CloudSolution®

Nilex CloudSolution® is service management in the cloud. We have built our cloudsolution on the leading cloudplatform Microsoft Windows Azure. We are the first Helpdesk-company in Scandinavia who has built its SaaS solution on Windows Azure. We have done this because Microsoft Azure best can ensure the safety of the data from our users.

With Nilex CloudSolution® you as a customer do not need to think about infrastructure and therefore you can avoid extensive installation procedures. This means that you can get started quickly and focus on delivering great customer support. Upgrades are not something you need to worry about, we always make sure that our customers are running the latest versions of our programs. The pricing is also clear you get a predictable monthly bill.

"Nilex has created a real cloud solution. We have bulit our SaaS solution on Microsoft's cloud platform because they have the fastest cloud platform, and they have worked very hard to ensure the safety of our customers data.", says Jesper Zachrisson, product manager at Nilex

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