NilexPro is a powerful, complete solution for support and case management that can be used in a variety of areas. NilexPro is a web based solution designed for efficient handling of file, error reporting, change management regardless of the activity. NilexPro is easily implemented, scalable and user-friendly, ensuring a positive experience from both technicians and end users.


NilexPro is a webbased solution that can be offered both locally installed in your business as well as through hosting. NilexPro is easy to implement and quick to get
Easy administration and case handling
To administer and configure the interface is simple and easily adapted to suit the business profile and uses. NilexPro offers a simple operation in which you yourselves handles configuration and management. Nilex provides course training in the system when needed and can be carried out both on site and via the Internet.

For the administrator to manage all cases simply using a powerful web interface tailored to business needs. Registration of file can be done by NilexPro self-service, Web interface or via e-mail - flexibility and simplicity as it should be.


NilexPro offers in addition to already great features including additional modules for the SLA, Group Function and online orders which makes NilexPro to a highly capable solution with great potential.

SLA, Service Level agreement
Through the SLA, the activity an aid to ensure the quality of its delivery of services. SLA makes it possible to set up and working on the detailed specifications for example, response time, equipment, pricing, information flow, etc. All information presented in a simple and clear manner, and support staff in their daily work. The SLA is also comprehensive report functionality for the presentation of quality delivered by service and support.

Group Function

With group feature can NilexPro used by different departments in the business and affairs are handled independently of each other in one system. Group function allows users to categorize firms and managers which provides enhanced range of choice in case management.


To facilitate the management of various types of orders are online orders for NilexPro which allows users via a web interface can carry out orders. It can be anything from creating, modifying or deleting account or order hardware, software or communications. The module creates a help desk case only when the order is approved. When an order is complete, send email to the manager and the warrant is a link that is linked to order via a Web interface. By clicking on the link brings the administrator in charge of a situation can order approved or rejected.
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