Peab has been using NilexPlus® since 1997 and they are really pleased with program's development.


Peab was founded by two brothers Erik and Mats Paulsson in 1959 who were then 16 and 14 years old respectively. At the beginning they helped farmers from Bjärehalvön with cleaning and refuse collection. Later, they took over Lennart Axelssons' machines station and got more various tasks. The number of employed has been rising quickly and the machinery has been equipped with more and more cater tractors and trucks. 1967 was the milestone in the history of this firm - Brother Paulsson Peab AB was grounded. New missions expanded firm's character which started to deal with bigger contracts and that's why the same year the first big office was built. Besides, Peab's first crushing mill was put together in their own gravel pit.


Peab during 45 years has developed from a local firm with a few employed till Sweden's biggest and most successful building and construction company. Another important year for Peab was 1991when they joined with OTC-noted building and construction company Hallstöm & Nisses AB. Throughout that they became the biggest Swedish concern within building and construction. In the 1990s Peab had another great period in its career with a great number of strategically earnings.


Today it's driven in Sweden, Norway and Finland with about 10.000 employed and 20.000 millions of crowns in sales. Peab is also noted on the stock market in Stockholm and has totally about 15.800 share's owners.


In order to get a better control and general view of company's IT- inventory Peab bought Nilex Inventory System in 1997.


Mats Ström, Users support manager: "We were looking for a system with wide functions range and up till reasonable price in order to get a better control of all made investments in hard and soft goods. Nilex Inventory System fulfilled our demands and it happened to be really good investment for our company."


Today there are more than 6.000 movables which are registered in this system. There is also possibility to use additional Web Application module.

Peab's IT- service is an organisation with totally 36 co-workers divided into theartments: infrastructure, users support, system provision and IT- strategy. Within users support there are 25 working people who have a connection with 2900 users in Sweden, Finland and according to the newest plan from 2004 also till Norway.


Mats Ström: "We decided to buy errands handling system in 2002 and it was obvious that we chose Nilex Help Desk."


The number of helpdesk cases is about 200 a week. Peab uses also additional modules like Adopter Active Directory, Mail Service, Group Function and Web Application.


Mats Ström: "We are really pleased how the program has developed and above all that we have certainly influenced this development. Nilex always is keenly alive and prepared to review our recommendations and wishes about the changes in the program as well as within new functions and modules."

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