Schenker AG was founded 135 years ago by Gottfried Schenker in Vienna, Austria. The company headquarters are located in Essen. It is one of world’s leading providers of integrated logistics services with land services, worldwide air and sea freight, and all the associated logistic services. The company has around 55,000 employess at about 1,500 offices around the world with a turnover of 13.2 billion euros per year.

The Swedish unit of Schenker has 3800 permanent employees, 4000 carriers and 7000 employed in 300 other departments. The company delivers around 18 million goods and packets(16 million tons) every year. The year wise turnover is around 12.7 billion swedish kroner.Schenker Stab IT in the swedish organization has 55 permanent employees with 5 persons in the domestic support and administering company’s 150 different system and applications. Domestic support provides service and support to around 2000 users.For the planned conversion from the existing helpdesk system, a thorough survey was carried out to evaluate the different systems.


Jesper Zachrisson, Nilex AB: "We had the first contact with them(Nilex) in July 2006 followed by more communication in autumn. Schenker had some specific requirements for some minor changes, which they agreed to do. In the October, they decided to test NilexPlus ® in their environment and it resulted in an order in december."

Bengt-Arne Andersson, Departmentmanager: "We analysed and tested various helpdesk system and compared their functions, performance and prices. We found out that NilexPlus ® was the most promising alternative when we compared the price/performance ratio. It was easy to install, configure and learn, which enabled us to be familiar within a few days."


Schenker in Sweden are using Nilex HelpDesk with 60 case handlers and modules such as the Group function, Mailservice and web interface.


Bengt-Arne Andersson: "NilexPlus ® is an userfriendly, simple, stabil and fast system designed to make work simpler for personal, which means that we receive a higher service level for our users."

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