Strålfors chose NilexPlus® when replacing their old helpdesk system

Strålfors is an IT-focused Business-to-Business Company with graphical tradition, offering total solutions within the field of information communication, with 2 300 employees, a turnover of 433 million euro and operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Switzerland, UK and Poland. Strålfors develops, produces and delivers systems, services and products for effective communication of business-critical information. Customers are in the pharmaceutical, automotive, gaming, chemical/industrial, telecom, banks, insurance, retail, utilities, authorities and others.

In the autumn of 2007 Strålfors started an ITIL project. The project also included evaluation of the existing helpdesk system with alternatives.

They looked at several systems and found eventually that NilexPlus® was the system that best meets their requirements. Decision was preceded by a test period.

Carl Schultze, helpdesk manager: "We searched an ITIL certified system that we could easily implement in all of the corporate group's business and the choice fell on NilexPlus®. We contacted a few companies that had already NilexPlus® and their positive information about the system and the supplier was important for our decision. For us it was important to confirm that it can be started and run sharp after a few days. Both we and our external ITIL consultants were impressed when we took a closer look at NilexPlus® and, among other things, a dedicated test installation. The consultants felt that there shouldn’t be another system that was close to NilexPlus®, and certainly not to that low total cost."

Strålfors installed Nilex HelpDesk and Nilex Inventory, and modules AD-Integrator, Group Function, Workflow Management, Mail Service, Calendar module, Scheduled Cases, Field Dependencies, SLA, Monitoring, License, Acquisition/Purchase, SMS Integrator, MOM-Integrator, HelpDesk Web and Webreport.

NilexPlus® has been in operation since March 2008 and served flawlessly since then. Besides it is used for internal IT support in the corporate group, it’s also used by Strålfors companies for external support of their own software.

Carl Schultze: "We are very pleased with both the system and the service we receive from Nilex. It is a proven, highly functional, flexible and reliable system that has made the work in our Service Desk enormously easier. We now have a better control of our support issues, hardware and applications. Working quality of service desk has been raised and we have had satisfied customers. We are very happy with cooperation with their sales, consultants and support. They are knowledgeable, flexible and responsive to our needs."

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