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Ticket Management

Nilex HelpDesk - Nilex Enterprise®
- a software system for service management, incident and problem reporting
Nilex Helpdesk is an "Out-of-the-box" solution that makes it easy and efficient to manage IT support in large and medium-sized enterprises.

With an extensive power structure Nilex Enterprise can be tailored to suit all companies, regardless of how the support organization is structured. The system includes automated functionality and configurable connections that handle everything from file registration, e-mail alert and escalation.

Nilex Helpdesk, Incident & Problem Management
  • Simple and rapid case registrations
  • Web client where the end user can create cases and then follow the status of these
  • E-mail client, send and receive e-mails from Nilex• Integrated knowledge database
  • Tools for reporting and statistics• The log function in which case history is recorded, among others time and event

Ability to integrate with other systems:
  • Active Directory/Novell e-dir for import of users
  • Exchange, GroupWise, Lotus e-mail handling• Exchange Outlook calendar
  • SMS2003, CapaInstaller, Zenworks for imports of inventory• Surveillance systems, for example MOM• Tools for "Remote Control", eg. DameWare

Multi-level support

With the establishment of the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) in Nilex Helpdesk cases are always handled by first line support, received via phone, email or web. The cases that come via email or from the Web are created automatically in the system, which simplifies registrations.

If the matter cannot be resolved in "First line" it's easy to send it on to the next level, where Nilex competence registry, group- and calendar- integration makes it simple and easy to find a technician who has both time and expertise to solve the task at hand.

The registration procedure

Cases in Nilex Helpdesk are registered with the case type, status, category, priority and a description. Helpdesk defines who is a user and reporter, and bring the case to be a competent technician. The case is assigned a number of properties automatically, case number, filing date, estimated finish time etc.

Integrated knowledge database

Knowledge database is built up over time, where selected cases and their solution descriptions are stored for knowledge sharing within the organization. Helpdesk Staff can use the database to search for solutions for the task they face to solve. A well developed knowledge base contributes to quick solution.

Nilex Web Helpdesk –For the End user

Through a web interface called Webreport, Nilex Helpdesk is opened for end users who are given the opportunity to report problems. Webreport automatically creates cases in Nilex Helpdesk containing user data, case type and problem description.

Users can also search for information on Nilex Webreport, monitor the status of their cases, read messages from the IT department and search in knowledge database. Messages to end-users, such as "The mail server is down!”, can be published in Webreport client.

Nilex Webb Helpdesk – For the technician

IT professionals can exploit the advantage of using Nilex Web Helpdesk at work outside the workplace. If you have Internet access, IT technician can with the help of Nilex Web Helpdesk work with case management. This includes creating new and editing present cases.

Nilex Mail Services

Nilex Mail Services is a link between the existing email systems and Nilex Helpdesk which can perform a variety of tasks that facilitates communication between case handlers and others (reporters, users, managers etc). Nilex Mail Service can be integrated with Microsoft Exchange, GroupWise and Lotus Notes.


The Service include

  • Creating cases automatically on new emails send to particular email address.
  • Automatic email on various events such as registration, change of handler, escalation, change of status, close etc,
  • Editable templates both for manual and automatic emails with possibility of adding links referring to case information.
  • Email communication traced to a case is saved on the case.

Remote control of computers

With Nilex Remote Control case handler may instantly take over the user's computer from within NilexPlus. Nilex Remote Control integration is available with DameWare Mini Remote, making remote control easy, quick and safe. It is also possible to integrate other third-party tools for remote control.

Case history

Everything that is done in Nilex systems is kept in the log, who, when and what was done. In each case you will be able to follow all developments related to case management-, user-, customer- and inventory item history. This overview will help support staff to easily assess the case, and thus contribute to a quicker and better solution.

Integration with the user registry

Nilex Helpdesk is able to connect to Active Directory, NDS or e-directory to automatically retrieve information about the company's employees and its system users. It is information such as username, first name, last name, phone, cell phone, email, department, etc.


Connect to a main case

Reduce the risk of duplication of effort by connecting multiple cases to a main case. E.g. if the mail server is down helpdesk will receive many requests from users who are unable to use their e-mail. All these cases are linked to a main case with a single click in NilexPlus. When the main case is resolved and closed, also the underlying files are closed.

Link inventory items to cases

You can from Helpdesk search directly in the inventory database (CMDB), retrieve relevant information about the user's inventory items and connect them to the case.

With help of inventory item history, reports and analysis it is possible to identify patterns that may reveal problems with specific manufacturers, brands or models.

Integrating tools for monitoring

Through e-mail Nilex Helpdesk receive alerts and alarms from third-party monitoring systems such as MOM and OP5. NilexPlus creates a case which automatically is sent to any group in the system.

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